About us

We have conceived and created a wonderful place for you – a first-class resort in the heart of the city! Atlas Fitness&Spa is a complex of fitness, wellness & spa where you can find pleasure and undisturbed rest.

A unique wellness area of Atlas Fitness&Spa is an amazing oasis of beauty and health, which has already combined perfect clean lines of European architecture, the latest technology of leading SPA resorts, exclusive interiors and first class service.

This is where you can gain the full range of emotions and physical abilities, harmony and peace of mind, leaving behind the daily bustle. Atlas Fitness&Spa will bring a new quality of life, the special atmosphere of pleasure and comfort.

Atlas Fitness&Spa put together for you the most innovative ideas and the latest achievements in the field of fitness, wellness and spa, in order to offer you the best of the world experience.

First-class primary health testing, identification of all vital signs with the help of professional equipment, personal recommendations of doctors in sports medicine, a comprehensive package of sessions with a personal trainer, special meals and personalized menus, the program restores SPA procedures this is not a complete list of services that can be used by guests of Atlas Fitness&Spa.

Accept taking care of your health, Atlas Fitness&Spa opens its guests great opportunities in the field of beauty: cosmetology, esthetics body treatments, manicure and pedicure, the services of a stylist. The best experts skillfully emphasize the advantages and help in the pursuit of excellence. By tradition, Atlas Fitness&Spa cooperates only with reputable and recognized worldwide cosmetic brands, offering both professional products and a line for home care. In the arsenal of specialists Atlas Fitness&Spa are only the most sounding names of cosmetic brands.




Donetsk, Ukraine
I am visiting swimming pool (and Roman steam bath), and gym at the Atlas Fitness&Spa. What can I say? At first, prices were overly high, but as I live nearby, and without single doubt my choice was dedicated to it.... And by the look of it I will be resident here for long :). The ones who had not been here yet, trust me or check it out yourselves, but it has the BEST FITNESS EQUIPMENT IN TOWN! Training becomes a pleasure, relatively few people, everything is very comfortable, has a cooler with water, out of the gym there is a beautiful view on the Shevchenko Boulevard and the pool. By the way, the pool! In a few words: it is not crowded and there is enough space to swim. It has the best Jacuzzi and Roman steam bath. One can spend 1.5 hours in the aqua-zone – that is more than enough to maintain your health and beauty. Now I recommend Atlas to all my friends, hopefully someone will be lured from other fitness clubs)))))


Yasinovataya, Ukraine
Premium service in the center of Donetsk. Curtsey of service, clean and comfortable changing rooms, modern and new training equipment. I am very ego to return here more often.