Hands and feet treatments

Hands - is the first that we often pay attention to at meeting people. Hands appearance always says a lot about their owners. Neat manicure has become a signature of any modern man and hand care in general - an integral part of wellness lifestyle!

Atlas Fitness&Spa will help to make your hands an object of pride and admiration. SPA saloon experts will offer you several types of modern manicure:

  • classic;
  • combined;
  • european hardware;
  • La Ric (France) exclusive care and manicure.

Care by La Ric – is the most beautiful and useful SPA-care for hands and nails, during the treatment hand basins are used with exotic extracts, delicate medical scrubs and masks.

Our manicure specialists use varnishes and nail care products by leading nail industry producers - OPI and CND - proven as the best on a number of factors:

  • over 30 years of international flawless experience;
  • Professionals Choice awards by American Association of nail industry;
  • excellent hands and nail care containing amino acids, silk;
  • beautiful colors and unique names for each varnish that tells a little story and set different moods for its owner;
  • each season varnish palettes are updated, reflecting fashion trend and breakthrough innovation.

Paraffin has now become extremely popular and effective procedure for hands and feet. With its help, you can achieve the effect of velvet skin of the hands, especially in winter and spring, when it needs the most nutrition and restoration. The result is noticeable right after a first session - skin becomes very moist, soft and healthy. The effect of this procedure lasts up to a week!

Foot care techniques, hygiene procedures and aesthetics are so advanced developed today that it is able to solve any problems brining back health and beauty. After relaxing in our SPS saloon, you will find easy pace and will be inspired by the effect of Gehwol’s professional leg product application.

Pedicure with the use of German cosmetics Gehwol - is a professional method of solving a wide range of issues:

  • cracks and other violations of skin integrity;
  • corns;
  • toes fragility and brittleness;
  • veins fatigue and soreness;
  • increased sweating;
  • fungal infections.

Gehwol’s mission - Beauty and health of your feet! It is fully justified as all drugs and devices embody superior German quality and innovation. Gehwol allows you to find the right solution in all situations faced by chiropodists and master pedicure.

Our podologist specialist is able to solve any foot and toe related problem, increased dryness and sweating, hyperkeratosis, ingrown nail, cracks, warps the nail plate and other diseases as well as diabetic foot.