Personal training programs

Get individually designed training program, calculate the load and intensity of training, which is essential for your practice, these will be placed at guests’ disposal by wellness club Atlas Fitness&Spa. For these purposes Atlas Fitness&Spa offers personal training services with the best in the fitness industry experts, who have extensive experience, special education and high qualification.

Skilled expert gives you an opportunity to get a guaranteed result and effect from your fitness.

Personal training is held in accordance with our elaborated program which gives maximum effectiveness and high results. We do not recommend self- prescribing training program, as it can lead to an incorrect calculation of loads, injury and general discomfort from the classes.

The level of the difficulty for your personal program depends on the initial physical condition. Therefore, before starting classes at Atlas Fitness&Spa, it is important to receive specialized recommendation by our experts who with great accuracy and safety will form for your individual fitness program.

Personal training program is based on several characteristics. The 1st - one is a consultation of a fitness doctor (after passing fitness-diagnosis) and the 2nd - is a consultation of a personal coach. Technique exercises and their selection, load and intensity will solve a personal trainer. It is important to make a note that the experts of our wellness club are high-level professionals who have confirmed their skills by many diplomas, certificates and lengthy working experience in the fitness industry.

The key to success of your workout is to work with a personal trainer!

Wellness club Atlas Fitness&Spa offers personalized programs in Aqua Zone, gym and personal programs of fitness directions.

If you have any questions, guest relation managers of wellness club Atlas Fitness&Spa will gladly answer them by phone on +38 050 475 475 5.