Gym Atlas Fitness&Spa is a perfect place for those who take care of their health. Professional zoning unique equipment luxury firms TechnoGym and Nautilius make your stay in a gym as comfortable as possible. Convenient location of cardiovascular machines opens the panoramic views on one of the central streets of our city. If you will begin the training from the cardio - zone, you can use the system visio-web, which allows you to watch movies, social networking or just being on the internet right during training on the simulator. In our complex all the conditions for the convenience for the guests, rooms are equipped with modern air conditioning, ventilation and music. 16 hours a day, we are ready to receive visitors. Without any doubt you can be sure that the gym club of Atlas Fitness&Spa is the most modern gym in Donetsk.

Qualified coaches will show you the gym, make a set of exercises with the help of recommendations by doctors in sports medicine and your desires. It is advisable to have fitness- testing before the training in Atlas Fitness&Spa fitness. At any time convenient for you, our experts will conduct a personal workout and will help you choose the most appropriate program of private lessons and nutrition. For the team of experts’ at Atlas Fitness&Spa it is very important to establish guest’s friendship with fitness that will appear as a lifestyle. We invite you to the gym of Atlas Fitness&Spa.

If you have any questions, just call us! We not only give a piece of competent advice, but will invite you for a visit!