Welcome to the cozy fresh bar with a large selection of sport nutrition by leading manufacturers: diet cocktails with proteins and carbohydrates, sport energy drinks and supplements.

... Do you lead a healthy lifestyle? Then you are in a trend!

Fresh bar Atlas Fitness&Spa offers you organic production of TM PanEco. All products are certified, manufactured by European standards and meets all requirements for organic production. What is more, you can try the juices and juice drinks with exceptional taste (birch sap and juice drinks from the hips, elderberry flowers, dogwood and black chokeberry).

Treat the kids with milk-shakes of bio-syrups and honey by TM PanEco.

A cup of espresso macchiato will be supplemented with premium organic chocolate TM Gepa.

You will find a huge selection of smoothies in the menu of fresh bar Atlas Fitness&Spa! It is not only tasty, but beneficial!

Dip into the world of spa treatments together with the elite tea of four seasons from TM Chaism. Fresh tea served in a bowl which is designed by Eva Solo will bring benefits to the body as much as possible and memorable pleasure of tea drinking. Our tea sommelier will help you to find your bearings in the tea ceremony.