Prolong a pleasant experience gained in the spa complex at home. Accessories and souvenirs of Atlas Home&Spa will delight you and your family.

You can buy goods of famous brands at the boutique Atlas Home&Spa:

Millefiori. We will give you pleasure to decorate your space with exquisite flavors from Italian perfumers.

MARINELLA. It is line of perfumes and shaving accessories for elegant and respectable men.

Ari D. Norman. It is a leading London house for the production of silver and jewelry. British manufacturers of gifts in the styles of Nouveau and Deco preserved the traditions of Victorian period!

Mathilde M. It is French brand which represents the interior, creates an atmosphere of comfort and elegance of the 18th century!

SERAX. It is line of innovative, designer items from Belgium.

Clotilde Silva. Since 1871 are leading designers and manufacturers of jewelry and fashion accessories for women with refined taste and charisma! Hand made in Italy.

FALABRAC. It is Italian designer’s jewelry with a unique style and unexpected materials.

VILLARI. It is handmade delicate items of porcelain confirmed by centuries-old tradition, fill your home with luxury.

CASALL. They are legislators of sport fashion for women. Casall is a combination of the best achievements in the world of sports and high style.

ZIMMERLI. It is Swiss underwear of highest quality! Made in Switzerland.