Spa menu

Spa menu is very impressive with a diverse range of treatments and techniques for body care and effective correction:

Classical massage – is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding ways of relaxation, which is essential to any resident of the megalopolis as a regular and basic element of wellness lifestyle. To diversify this traditional ritual you can take exquisite exotic massages: Hawaiian, Thai, Spanish and stone massage.

Cellulite massage provides complex impact on the problem areas of the body (gluteal fold zone, "breeches", and inner thighs), tightening and improving their resilience.

Manual therapy – is one of the unique techniques of our SPA saloon, which is owned by the South Korean Dr. Hwang. This technique is a healthy eastern manual massage technique aimed at improving the status of muscles, spine and joints.

Hydro massage - relaxing and at the same time, an effective massage procedure, performed in warm water using a vibrating jet pressure of 3-4 atmospheres. The procedure gives skin elasticity, mental ease and cheerfulness.

SPA-peels guard the health and skin breathing. At our saloon experts will select these important procedures so that the client feel’s complete relaxation, finds skin youthful and healthy glow!

Vacuum massage figure correction procedure is performed using Joyskin special nozzle of improved line Full SKIN. After taking a course of treatments an overall health improvement, modeled silhouette, lymphatic drainage and cellulite cure are noted.

Pressure therapy – is a proven technique for figure modeling that came into cosmetology from medicine. Pressure therapy ( also known as hardware or lymphatic drainage massage) - a high-proven as an effective method for treating cellulite, eliminating water retention due to an active influence on the body's lymphatic system.

Cavitation – is the most effective ultrasound correction method. It eliminates fat by ultrasound leaving no traces and guarantees long-term results as the destroyed fat cells cannot be reversed.