As soon as the SPA Atlas has opened its doors, original approach and at the same time amazing benefits of various SPA-programs have been appreciated by our guests straight away. Today SPA saloon performs a variety of SPA water treatments, body care, weight loss programs and relaxation. Everybody can find a program for own likes!

When designing our SPA-programs we used traditional techniques as well as innovative solutions.

In our saloon we use professional products of the most famous manufacturers like: Ericson Laboratoire, Morjana, Bernard Cassière, STYX, Jean Kleber, Yellow Rose and others.

Chocolate Heaven and Chocolate Fondue - two of the newest and certainly the most delicious rituals for face and body! SPA-ritual for body has a relaxing effect, improves mood and shapes body whereas SPA-ritual for face – is an elegant detox.

Ocean Gifts – is a program for urban residents, it gives a boost of energy, uses useful oceanic origin elements and minerals for exfoliation and wraps.

Skin shine - is detoxification and mineralization thorough exfoliation and body wrap using Guerande salt with flower petals, it enriches skin macro-and micronutrients elements.

Velvet age – is a multi-therapeutic care for women over 40 years old, which rejuvenates, corrects figure and uplifts mood.

Herbal – is an organic moisturizing ritual for dry, dehydrated skin with poor turgor. Herbal masks relieves irritation, sugar scrub polishes skin, almond oil nourishes and rejuvenates.

Thousand and One Nights – is a Moroccan care aimed to restore skin softness and elasticity, it gives royal feeling by using Kesse gloves, black soap, ghassoulite masks and relaxing massage with an argan oil.

Medina Treasures – an oriental body care ritual with the use of black eucalyptus soap, it has relaxing effect, gives skin a velvety touch and feeling of freshness due to green tea body wrapping.

Grape paradise – is an exquisite SPA-procedure that slows down time and prolongs life by using red grape polyphenols and thermal water.

Whiskey bandaging - is an intensive wet procedure aiming to correct body shape by fighting cellulite with the use of STYX products, Austria.

OZOsystem – is a high-tech procedure treating cellulite by Jean Kleber, Italy.

The goal of each SPA-care is to promote your dreams and form new desires, broaden new horizons in order for body and soul to get ecstatic relaxation and recreation.